How to add unpackaged products?

Unpackaged items generally do not have a best-before or expiration date printed when we purchase them. That's why will need to use the Self life and Tracking options to control their freshness.

For the first time

  1. From the home screen tap on + Add.
  2. If you see a list with all your previously added food, tap on + Add new food. If not, ignore this step.
  3. Enter your food's name, and adjust the icon, stock and category if necessary.
  4. Choose the Unpackaged option on the selector.
  5. Complete the rest of the form, keeping in mind the following tips.

Use the Shelf life field to set the time (in days) that these products can be stored in the refrigerator or the pantry.

We recommend enabling the Start tracking option, so Kiff starts counting the days since it arrives at your house. Especially useful for fruit and vegetables.


  1. From the home screen tap on + Add.
  2. A list with all previously added food will appear. Either use the search or scroll the list until you find the desired item.
  3. Tap on the card of the desired food.
  4. Set the stock, adjust the shelf life if necessary and start the tracker.

You may need to adjust the Shelf life for each new food. For example, in the case of fruits, the shelf life can vary greatly depending on their ripeness.

Note: You can look at our guide to know the shelf life of your foods.

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