How to add leftovers?

Sometimes we cook for the whole week; other times, we can overcook, leaving us with leftovers. Whatever is the case, Kiff helps you control those leftovers, so they don't spoil.

To register a new dish or leftover:

  1. Select Leftovers on the main screen.
  2. Tap on + to add a new dish.
  3. Complete the form, keeping in mind the following tips.

Use the Shelf life field to set the time (in days) that your leftovers or cooked dishes can remain in the fridge or freezer. Please look at our guide to know the shelf life of the main cooked dishes.

We recommend enabling the option Start tracking so Kiff starts counting the days since you have prepared the dish, and it will notify you through the shelf life alerts before your leftovers go bad.

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