Food shelf life reminders

Shelf life alerts are the notifications that you will receive when a product is about to stop being fresh or is going to spoil after opening it.


Modifying the shelf life reminders mode can help adjust the number of times you want Kiff to notify you about a food status. You can configure the mode that best suits your needs by accessing Settings > Notifications.

You can choose between two modes:

  • Along food's shelf life: You will receive up to three notifications based on your food's open/shelf life. For food with short shelf life (less than 5 days), you will receive a single reminder. For food with longer shelf life, you will receive between two and three.

  • The day before: You will receive a single notification one day before your food stops being fresh.

The mode is set at Along food's shelf life by default.

Receiving the notifications

Note that you won't receive a notification for open/shelf life unless you started tracking that food. (See What is 'Start tracking' option for?).

Visit our food shelf life guide if you have any questions about some of the most common foods' shelf life.

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