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Save time and money managing your fridge or pantry with Kiff.

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πŸ₯¬LettuceFresh for 3 moredays4
🍍PineappleFresh for 3 moredays2
πŸ…TomatoesFresh for 8 moredays2
πŸ₯•CarrotsFresh for 14 moredays1
πŸ₯›MilkExpires in 15days
Expires in7 daysJan 7, 2021
ExpiresToday Jan 7, 2021
🍝PastaFresh untiltomorrow1
Shelf life2 days
Tracked for1 daysince Jan 6, 2021
πŸ₯šEggsFresh for 7 moredays28
πŸ§€CheeseFresh for 8 moredays12
🍡MatchaFresh for 51 moredays9
πŸ₯«Tomato sauceFresh untiltomorrow2
πŸ₯‘fresh until tomorrowavocado
πŸ₯›expires tomorrowmilk
🍞fresh until tomorrowsliced bread

πŸ₯‘Fresh until tomorrow

Your food 'Avocado' is still fresh. Enjoy it before it's too late.

πŸ₯›Expires tomorrow

Your food 'Milk' is going to expire. Don't let it go to waste.

🍞Fresh until tomorrow

Your food 'Sliced bread' is still fresh. Enjoy it before it's too late.

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