I can't find an icon that is suitable for my food or cooked dish

Kiff uses the emoji library available in each iOS version. After classifying them, we only show those that can represent food or dish (More than 115 emojis related to food in version 1.0.0 of Kiff). We understand that sometimes there may not be an icon that faithfully represents the food or dish we register on the app.

In these cases, we recommend:

  • To choose an icon that represents the food family.
  • To select a generic icon. Examples: 🍽️, 🍴, 🥣.

In future versions of iOS, this gallery of emojis may be expanded and offer a greater variety of icons.

We will also be working on extending these icons ourselves. That's why we are creating a list with the missing most popular/common food icons. If you have any in mind, you can check out our current list and submit any suggestions by completing this form.

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