Minimum app requirements

To purchase, install, and run Kiff, your device must be running a supported version of iOS (Apple Inc.'s mobile operating system for the iPhone).

These are the minimum requirements for Kiff:

  • iPhone: iOS 13.4 or later.
  • iPod Touch (7th generation): iOS 13.4 or later.

To check the model and software version of your device, go to Settings > General > Information > Software version.

Your device may not be able to run a supported version of the operating system. Therefore, you will not be able to buy Kiff. However, if you have purchased Kiff in the past, and now you cannot update to a newer version, you can continue to use the latest compatible version of Kiff with your device, but you will not receive updates or new features until you update the OS or you device to a more modern version.

To check the version of your iPhone's operating system and update it, if possible, see this page.

Note: Future updates after Kiff v1.5.0 will require iOS 14.1 or later.

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