How to use a product as a template?

There are foods that we buy or cook regularly. Once consumed, we may be tempted to remove them from the application, having to re-register them in the next purchase or the next time we cook them.

To avoid this, we will use the Tracking functionality and save a few steps the next time we buy or cook the food:

  1. Register the new product, setting the shelf life or expiration date.
  2. Enable product tracking once you store it in your fridge, pantry, or have opened the container.
  3. Once you have eaten it, please do not delete it. Instead, stop tracking the food by taping on the Stop button that you will see in the food detail view.

This way, you will keep the name, icon, and the shelf life of the food, which as a general rule, will remain the same, being ready for the next time you buy or cook it.

Note: If you have set an expiration date, you will have to modify it each time you make a new purchase.

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