Version 1.3.0
November 26, 2020


Ouch! We forgot to start tracking the food we cooked yesterday! What now? Mmmm, we can track it now, but we have to remember adding a day every time we check our food's state on Kiff, sigh.

Don't worry! From now on, you can track any food from any past date. No matter when you remember to track something you cooked, bought, or open. Just long press the "Track" button and select the desired date. Super easy!

Note: Special thanks to one of our early users that was kind enough to reach us to suggest this feature 🙂


  • Modified the toggle input's color for iOS 14.

  • Form animations on iOS 14 were weird. They should work fine now.

  • On edit mode, Kiff won't select an icon for you as you type, unless you delete the food's name.

  • Other minor adjustments and improvements.

As always, if you have any issues or you want to make us a suggestion, please let us know by writing to us at [email protected].

Hope you keep enjoying Kiff!