Version 1.2.0

We are super excited to present Kiff v1.2.0 to you 🎉. We have quite a few new features, so here we go!


  • You don't need to choose an icon when adding your food anymore! Kiff will select one for you as you type. If you want, you can always change it by clicking on the icon.
  • Don't forget about your spoiled food. Now, Kiff notifies you when your food has been expired or not fresh for five days. You can launch the associated quick actions by long pressing this notification.
  • New quick actions from the app icon. Long press Kiff's icon to quickly view or add new groceries and leftovers.
  • From now on, if you tap on any notification they will take you directly to the food detail.
  • Notifications are enabled by default when you add a new grocery or leftover with shelf-life or expiration date.
  • Kiff remembers in which section you were (groceries or leftovers) once you close the app.

If you think any icon suggestion is missing when you add your food, let us know by writing to us at, so we can take them into account for future updates.

We hope you are enjoying Kiff!