Version 1.1.0
September 10, 2020


New notification badge. See how many groceries or leftovers are about to expire or stop being fresh without opening the app.

Also, the expiration and shelf life notifications will now appear grouped independently in your notification center. This makes it easier to differentiate between products that are about to expire and those going to stop being fresh.


  • New icons in the settings menu.
  • We have improved accessibility with VoiceOver.
  • Other minor adjustments and improvements.

Did you just download Kiff? Welcome!

Kiff helps you manage your food's shelf life and expiration dates to consume it in its best state. By eating fresh food, you waste less, save money, and also help the planet.

With Kiff, you can:

  • Track expiration dates, and avoid throwing food away because you didn't remember to eat it in time.
  • Know for how long something has been open.
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables at their best, avoiding eating them last minute.
  • Remember when you stored those leftovers in the fridge or frozen your food.

In a nutshell, all your food and leftovers, well organized so that nothing goes to waste.