Version 1.0.0
September 3, 2020

Oh, dear! The first version of Kiff is already here. 🎉

What is it for?

Kiff helps you manage your food's shelf life and expiration dates to consume it in its best state possible. Because food loses its nutritional capabilities after keeping it for too long, and if spoiled, it can be a risk for your health. By eating fresh food, you waste less, save money, and also help the planet.

What can you do with Kiff?

  • Track expiration dates, and avoid throwing food away because you didn't remember to eat it in time.
  • Know for how long something has been open. Hey, this can of fried tomato... How long has it been open?
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables at their best, avoiding eating them last minute.
  • Remember when you stored those leftovers in the fridge or frozen your food.

In a nutshell, all your food and leftovers, well organized so that nothing goes to waste.

Thank you!

Thanks to all the people who have helped us polish all the little details during the development phase.

Hope you enjoy Kiff.